The next reveals from the Mythic Legions: Rising Sons wave are a pair of weapons packs perfect for outfitting the warriors in your collection!

The first of these sets is the “Barbarian Weapons Pack”, and it includes 6 weapons – all of which are brand new for this wave! You get a battle axe, double-bladed hand axe, single-bladed hand axe, barbarian sword, gladius sword with scabbard, and a new “wooden” shield with swappable emblems for the middle. There are also a pair of belt trinkets that can be hung from the loops on figure’s belts and which allow 1.0-compatible skulls to be hung from them.

The other set is our second “Dwarf Weapons Pack”, and includes a variety of weapons and accessories – all of which are also brand new. You get a single-sided axe, a dwarven sword with scabbard, a dwarven shield, a warhammer, a torch with blue flames, a drinking horn, and 3 different trinkets that can be hung from characters’ belts.

These weapons packs will be $20 each as part of the Mythic Legions: Rising Sons preorder which begins at on 11/10/23 at 3pm EST. Stay tuned for more reveals from this wave, along with very special “All In” pricing on the full set of Mythic Legions: Rising Sons!