Mythic Legions: Rising Sons is available for preorder at now!

These figures are all available individually, or you can buy the “ALL IN” set which includes 1 of each item for $550!

The All-In price is $40 less than these items would cost individually, PLUS you get the bonus dwarf head as a FREE item! This color version of this head is only available in All In sets (an alternate version will be available separately from our retailers early next year).

The All-In set will get you 12 total figures – one of which is a deluxe horse and one which is the massive deluxe head, plus 2 weapons packs and that bonus head.

The StoreHorsemen preorder runs until 01/14/24 at 11pm EST. Prepare for the Second Great War of Mythoss and preorder your Mythic Legions: Rising Sons figures now!