Rumor Roundup: McFarlane Toys DC Leaks up to November 19th, 2023

ByBass Mendoza

November 19, 2023 ,

On this update, I’d like to take a moment to remind our dear readers that all the info we share about leaked releases comes from the overseas pre-orders from places like Bro Depot, Dragon’s Chest, and of course, all the amazing community of folks over at IG and the other media sites that have first or second-hand knowledge about them.

Over at PAF, we’re committed to -as the name implies- rounding them up, putting some graphics on them, making some commentary, and ultimately, trying to use our comic and lore knowledge and make some sense of the less clear info that sometimes gets lost in translation. This has never been a place to add some figures we’d like to see released or fabricate leaks.

With that out of the way, let’s get back to business and see what’s coming up next.


McFarlane Toys – DC Multiverse 7in – GOLD LABEL COLLECTION

Just a reminder here, that I ventured to make an educated guess about the retailers considering the kind of “variants” that each has released so far.

  • Hal Jordan Parallax (Glow in the Dark Version) – Gold Label Amazon Exclusive
  • Wally West – Gold Label
  • Nightwing “DC vs Vampires” – Gold Label Walmart Exclusive
  • The Rival – Gold Label
  • Cassandra Cain Batwoman – Gold Label
  • Kilowog and Kyle Rayner Multipack – Gold Label
  • Batman Frostbite “DC Rebirth” – Gold Label
  • Hellbat Knightmare – Gold Label
  • Mr. Freeze (Black Light Edition) – Entertainment Earth Exclusive
  • Hazmat Suit Batman Sketch Edition “Justice League: The Amazo Virus” – Entertainment Earth Exclusive
  • Red Hood Black & White Accent Edition “New 52” – Big Bad Toy Store Exclusive
  • Batgirl Jokerized “Three Jokers” – Gold Label
  • Owlman “Forever Evil” – Gold Label
  • Damian Wayne Robin “DC vs Vampires” – Gold Label
  • Batman Sketch Edition “Batman: Hush” – Entertainment Earth Exclusive

Vampire Damian just got officially announced as I write this (maybe Owlman will be too by the time I end up typing the article?). I’m really glad that Cassandra is given a release, she’s my favorite Batgirl, and although this will probably be a very simple Batwoman Beyond/Batgirl retool, I have high expectations for it. Kilowog is getting some love too! I’m sure that any Green Lantern fan is thrilled by that one, here’s hoping that Kyle can be retooled into his Ion suit perhaps? Not to get a third (fourth considering his Blue Lantern one) go at the exact same sculpt.

I’ve put these 3 separated for now. Alex Chen over at IG is claiming that these have been changed from Page Punchers to Gold Labels, but it could also mean PP Gold Labels just to justify the price increase, we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Superman + Superman Comic – Gold Label
  • Earth-2 Superman (Val Zod) + Superman Comic – Gold Label
  • Ghost of Zod + Superman Comic – Gold Label

McFarlane Toys – DC Multiverse 7in – MCFARLANE COLLECTOR EDITION

With the latest batch just released, this part of the list has gotten pretty thin, but at least we know exactly the look of what’s coming thanks to the leaked renders. I’ve also taken out the Bat Beyond vs Justice Lord Superman 2-pack, since we got that one as a regular release, but who knows… we could get a second go?

  • Superman “DC Classics” – McFarlane Collector Edition
  • Nightwing “Knightfall”- McFarlane Collector Edition

McFarlane Toys – DC Multiverse 7in

There are a lot of new Batmen here and I know that’s going to sit well with probably just half the community, I for one, couldn’t be more excited to finally get a McFarlane figure from the best comic-accurate movie Batman suit: BvS Batfleck; and I’ll fight you on that claim!

First appearance Batsy and another TDK variant are cool too, but the ones I’m not completely sure about the Knightsend one, I would believe refers to the Mask of Tengu suit rather than just another repaint, but don’t quote me on that one, it would require lots of newly sculpted parts and we know they can be really lazy lately.

The one that has me scratching my head is the BAF Justice League wave, with Plastic Man, exclusively because I can’t remember or find a lineup that includes John Stewart and Patrick O’Brian at the same time.

  • Batman “Knightsend”
  • Batman (Black and Grey variant) “Knightfall”
  • Batman First Appearance
  • Batman “Batman v Superman”
  • Batman (Sky Dive version) “The Dark Knight”
  • Catwoman “The Dark Knight Rises”
  • Catwoman with Batpod “The Dark Knight Rises”
  • Batman (Plastic Man BAF Wave) “Justice League”
  • Superman (Plastic Man BAF Wave) “Justice League”
  • Aquaman(Plastic Man BAF Wave) “Justice League”
  • Green Lantern John Stewart (Plastic Man BAF Wave) “Justice League”
  • Batzarro & Bizarro 2-pack
  • Batman 12″ Posed Statue “Designed by Todd McFarlane”
  • Dark Flash Variants
  • Cyborg Superman vs Superman multipack

McFarlane Toys – DC Digital 7in

So yeah, this is still a thing… I really don’t feel like giving energy to this until we have solid details.

  • Batman “Starro BAF Wave” – DC Multiverse Digital
  • Wonder Woman “Starro BAF Wave” – DC Multiverse Digital
  • Aquaman “Starro BAF Wave” – DC Multiverse Digital
  • Green Lantern Hal Jordan “Starro BAF Wave” – DC Multiverse Digital

DC Direct – Super Powers 4.5in

Pretty straightforward here, love to see another Kilowog making his way to any line. Sinestro seems like a regular and a variant kind of deal. Batman Manga is probably more in line to the cool design that came out of that monstrosity of animated movie, but the actual batmanga seems way in line with the Super Powers style. And the one that’s not very clear to me is the Supes, the only 40th anniversary for this year is the Superman III movie, so maybe?

  • Brainiac Skull Ship vehicle – Super Powers
  • Blue Beetle’s Bug vehicle – Super Powers
  • Batman Manga – Super Powers
  • Blue Beetle “Justice League International” – Super Powers
  • Brainiac First Appearance – Super Powers
  • Kilowog – Super Powers
  • Superman “40th Anniversary” – Super Powers
  • Sinestro “Sinestro Corps War” – Super Powers
  • Batman Gold Variant – Super Powers
  • Batman of Zur-En-Arhh – Super Powers
  • Flash Gold Variant – Super Powers
  • Sinestro “Super Friends” – Super Powers
  • Green Lantern Hal Jordan – Super Powers
  • Lord Superman – Super Powers

DC Direct – Batman Animated 6in

Is it possible that they are going to switch between a BTAS and a TNBA wave each time, that actually sounds cool. The new BTAS BAF wave doesn’t have the figure leaked yet, but the other ones are previously released versions with the exception of Blind Bat, let’s remember that there was an expression pack back in the day, so there are a lot of Batman variants possibilities without having to sculpt anything new (I just edited the eyes onto that one, the blood expression was part of the aforementioned pack).

  • Batman “Blind as a Bat BAF Wave” – BTAS
  • Commissioner Gordon “Blind as a Bat BAF Wave” – BTAS
  • The Riddler “Blind as a Bat BAF Wave” – BTAS
  • Trenchcoat Joker “Blind as a Bat BAF Wave” – BTAS
  • Batman – The New Batman Adventures
  • Batgirl – The New Batman Adventures
  • Two-Face – The New Batman Adventures
  • Killer Croc and Baby Doll – The New Batman Adventures

Aaaand that’s it for today, folks. What are the ones you’re looking forward the most from this batch of leaks?