Unleash the nostalgic power of the 90s with the Super Shredder, a colossal 8-inch tall action figure from BST AXN XL, redefining the essence of classic villains. Boasting an impressive 31 points of articulation, this larger-than-life character is a force to be reckoned with, embodying sheer strength and intensity. This BST AXN XL Super Shredder features a menacing bandsaw-like helmet, serrated blades, and bulging muscles that bring the iconic character to life. The sculpt details are unparalleled, showcasing intricate mesh patterns on his purple suit, a tattered and ominous cape, an array of blades, varied grips, and dynamic energy bursts emanating from his hands. The meticulous design extends to the metallic armor, complete with steel claws and textured plates covering his arms and legs. The layered appearance adds remarkable depth to the sculpt, making Super Shredder a true collector’s gem.

Super Shredder comes equipped with a giant mace and a lethal scimitar, ensuring endless possibilities for dynamic poses and epic battles, and an extra special touch – the massive figure’s eyes and power radiate a captivating neon green glow.

Dive into the lore with the included 100-page #1 Best of Shredder Comic, featuring art by Peter Laird, Kevin Eastman, Dan Duncan, and Mateus Santolouco. Housed in a unique collector box featuring a garage door flap secured by Velcro, this figure is a must-have for fans. Designed for those larger than life characters from the TMNT lore to scale up so YOU can re-enact your favorite TMNT story elements with your 1:15th scale TMNT BST AXN collection!

Coming January 2024

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles BST AXN XL Super Shredder 8-Inch Action Figure and Comic Set Price: $39.99

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