Closer Look: WWE Elite Series 104 – Rick Steiner, Solo Sikoa, and Bron Breakker

November 22, 2023

Mattel’s WWE Elite series 104 has been released in stores and online.  The full line-up for series 104 features Drew McIntyre, Dakota Kai, AJ Styles, and Bron Breakker.  Also in this series are two figures who see their WWE Elite series debut:  Solo Sikoa and Rick Steiner, and to make you work for it, there is a chase version of Bron Breakker too.

For this Closer Look I chose trio of NXT star Bron Breakker, along with the debut releases.  Before I get into each figure though, let me say a few things about the Elite series in general.  First: the Elite series is what I consider Mattel’s mid-range WWE line.  They have a basic line (which is also into the 100’s in wave number), Elite, and Ultimate Edition.  The basic line is usually an action figure on a cardback, no accessories, and some sketchy paint apps/face sculpts.  While some are decent, they are focused towards younger fans with a cheaper price point, and by eliminating the bells and whistles that many collectors expect from their wrestling figures.  On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Ultimate Edition line. While a young WWE fan would have a blast with Ultimate Edition figures, this line is aimed more towards the collectors.  These have a higher price point, many more accessories, etc.  Most Ultimate Edition include three head sculpts as well.  The Elite series is right in the middle:  priced at around 23$, with some accessories, and one decent head sculpt.  Second: in this long running line the articulation has become pretty standard.  With that said, there’s not much to say on each figures’ articulation that cannot be seen in the pictures (unless I run into an issue).


The younger brother of Jey and Jimmy Uso and Bloodline enforcer makes his Elite debut.  Solo Sikoa comes with towel accessory molded to fit over his head as he often appears.  Also included are two extra pairs of swap-out hands, and a removable We The Ones soft goods tank top.  While Solo does come with six total hands creating a decent variety of displayoptions, it is odd that none recreate the Samoan Spike (his go-to finishing move).  It is worth noting Solo returns in series 107 and this time does include the spike hand.

Solo’s details include his tattoo sleeves and red graphics on his shorts (on the back is the text “Streetchamp”.  His face sculpt looks good, and the paint applications are on point.  He poses well with the Ultimate Edition Uso’s exclusive set and I’m sure I’ll be using him in many upcoming photos.  My only real complaint with this release is not including the hand for the Samoan Spike.  While it seems like a small thing, including it in place of one of the other taped hands would have been a smart move.  Beyond that, if you want to expand your Bloodline collection, this release is for you.


I’m very surprised this is the first time the dog-faced gremlin has been released in the Elite series.  But he’s here now and a welcome addition to my wrestling action figure collection.  The Steiner Brothers were a lot of fun to watch, with both Scott and Rick being favorites of mine during their WCW tag team days.  After they focused more on singles competition, Scott definitely overshadowed his brother but Rick still had his moments.  His debut Elite release comes with a thick rubber “leather” biker jacket, red bandana, shades, dog collar, and a pair of swap-out hands.

The black biker jacket is really cool to look at but unfortunately isn’t functional beyond displaying as-is.  The front contains text warning “Beware of the Dog” while the back features his Dogface Gremlin logo.  Even his boots are detailed on both sides.  On the insides of the boots you’ll find “Dead or Alive” and on the outside a black dog with the words “Bite Me” written vertically in red.  While the details here are all well done, I do have an issue. The rubber material the black jacket is made of, while moveable, goes back to its original position when trying to pose the figure.  I’m not saying it is impossible to do, but it’s going to take a lot of work to pose Rick wearing his jacket without his arms in the position seen in the pictures below.  If you own other Mattel WWE figures with trench coats like The Undertaker or Edge you are already familiar with the jacket material.  To remove the jacket there are two “hidden” areas on the front (if you can’t find them, they are on the text that says “of the” and “Dog”).  Pop the buttons and then manipulate his arms while removing the jacket and eventually he’ll be free.

Under the black biker jacket is Rick Steiner in his classic black singlet.  It features text on the back that says “Bite Me” and matches his gloves and kneepads.  I really like the design and material they use for their kneepads.  It’s cool how they are able to cover the knee joint and look decent overall.  This isn’t a new accessory or feature to the series, just a little detail I thought I would point out.  Rick includes two closed fists and 2 open hands which are very easy to swap-out.  His head looks good:  the sculpt is nice and the paint apps are acceptable.  One last detail worth noting is the dog tattoo on his left arm.  Bottom line on The Dog-Faced Gremlin:  he’s a must have for collectors who were fans during his wrestling days!


Last but not least for this Closer Look is the son of Rick Steiner:  Bron Breakker.  The NXT superstar and former champion gets another release in his pink/black singlet covered in black numbers.  He includes the NXT championship belt and a pair of swap-out hands.  There is also a more limited “chase” version featuring a yellow/black singlet with black vertical lines..

Bron Breakker is overall well-done.  If you are interested in adding another of his action figures to your collection (or picking up your first one) you won’t be disappointed.  The paint applications and head sculpt are both decent, the figure is very poseable, and he looks good with the belt.  The only real downside to this release is the lack of accessories, which as mentioned in the introduction happens often in the Elite series.  For the price and quality though I have no regrets adding Bron Breakker to my ever-growing wrestling collection.

Overall this is a solid trio of WWE action figures.  If you are a fan or collector of any of the wrestlers featured in this Closer Look you’ll be happy with the addition of any or all three into your collection.  Stay tuned for more articles in this feature, I’ve got some good stuff lined up that I think you’ll enjoy.  Until then happy hunting and may the collecting gods always be in your favor…