FIRST LOOK: Bushido – Samurai and Folklore

November 28, 2023 ,

There’s a universal agreement among collectors that samurais are simply undeniably cool. Delving into the realm of action figures, you’ll quickly notice a plethora of toy studios embracing this: from Ninja Turtles donned in samurai armor to Batman and his bat family taking on feudal aesthetics, the influence extends even to anime characters and a unique line of Star Wars icons reimagined as these cool warriors.

Yet, despite the widespread fascination with samurais, the options for acquiring more traditional, faithfully recreated action figures of them have been surprisingly scarce—until now. Enter Dan Mitchell, a freelance artist renowned for his sculpting contributions to fan-favorite franchises at Hasbro, like G.I. Joe Classified, Marvel Legends, Power Rangers, and Fortnite. Now, Mitchell has teamed up with Spero Toys to unveil his inaugural personal line, BUSHIDO: Samurai and Folklore.

Set at a 1/12 scale, BUSHIDO invites collectors into a darker interpretation of feudal Japan. Here, samurais will battle mythological creatures, promising a captivating narrative to accompany the figure’s line. While the reveal of the Oni and other creatures is still a bit away, Mitchell’s focus on the human warriors is unwaveringly dedicated to accuracy. Every detail, from the intricacies of the armor to the design of swords and accessories, aims for a realistic and period-appropriate representation. His commitment to realism is evident not only in the conceptual stage -which he oversees completely- but also in the digital sculpts, textures, and finishes showcased in the prototypes.

The allure of BUSHIDO goes beyond its visual appeal. The promise of swappable heads and accessories adds an exciting layer of customization for collectors eager to personalize their figures, and if the digital sculpts and prototypes stay true to the finished production there are hints at the extensive potential for very dynamic posing.

Trusted Production Partner:
Spero Toys, known for their exceptional work on Animal Warriors of the Kingdom, takes charge of the production for BUSHIDO. This collaboration ensures that the final product will not only meet but likely exceed expectations, given Spero Toys’ track record of delivering outstanding results with their own intellectual properties.

While details are currently limited, the anticipated launch of BUSHIDO is set for 2024. As we eagerly await more information, rest assured that we’ll be keeping a close eye on updates and promptly sharing any developments as they unfold!