Past Wal-Mart Marvel Legends Exclusives Clearance Available Online


December 9, 2023

It’s the end of the year which can only mean one thing:  time to clear out the unsold exclusives from this years Collector Cons!  I cannot confirm these prices in stores or if any stores even carry these.  Wal-Mart distribution for action figures seems to be a feast or famine situation, with most collectors having “the worst Wal-Mart in the country” for toys.  If you do find any of these in stores though, Wal-Mart is known for price matching (especially from their app).

In the Marvel Legends brand I was able to find three exclusives at the time of writing this article.  They are:  Spider-Man retro card Kraven, Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord, and the “six-armed” Spider-Man vs Morbius two-pack.  I will add more if I come across them or if you locate some to add to the list, give that Submit News link a click and let us know!

Spider-Man Vs Morbius – 24.97 (Regular 51.00) 

Spider-Man Retro carded Kraven – 13.97 (Regular 27.97)

Guardians of the Galaxy comic Star-Lord – 12.47 (Regular 37.00)