Turtles of Grayskull: A Look Beyond Wave One


December 23, 2023

Throughout 2023 rumors and leaks ran wild about a new crossover line featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Masters of the Universe.  By now the name Turtles of Grayskull is very familiar with the collecting community.  Wave one features Leonardo, Donatello, He-Man (Mutated), and Man-at-Arms.  But what comes next?  With all the various leaks/rumors mixed in with Mattel’s official announcements I thought it would be a good time to explore what we know about this new action figure line.

For those unfamiliar, the Turtles of Grayskull line is produced by Mattel and uses many pieces from Masters of the Universe Origins.  The figures are very similar in style and articulation.  Unlike the upcoming Filmation releases, these are not considered part of the Origins line and consist of their own waves.  For example, the Filmation releases of He-Man and Beast Man are part of Masters of the Universe Origins wave 15 along with the re-release of Mer-Man (labeled Fan Favorite on front of card).  Meanwhile, the Turtles of Grayskull started with wave 1, creating an all-new, separate action figure line that can fit in with Origins if you choose.

Wave two will consist of four figures once again:  Shredder, Raphael, Ram-Man (Mutated), and Beast Man.  Sorry Mikey fans, it looks like you’ll have to wait until wave three…


Shredder features MOTU-like purple and red chest armor along with what I would consider a pretty basic look for the character (in the best possible way).  Included accessories are a black Horde crossbow, blue plastic cape, and a pretty sweet axe.  I really like the evil look of his mask and the overall design of Shredder.


Another turtle joins the line with the release of Raphael.  Raph comes with removable shell-shield, a large sai, an even larger sai with gauntlet, and removable helmet (Ram-Man type).  Add in his silver armor and Raphael looks ready to battle his new foes.  From the pictures you can see that the sai with handle can be stored on his back on the shell.  Basically:  if you liked the design of Leonardo and Donatello I think you’ll enjoy Raph as well.


Decked out in armor with a design reminiscent of Samurai culture, Beast-Man looks to be a really interesting release in this wave.  While the basic figure looks like a brighter colored release of the Origins Beast-Man, almost all of the included accessories appear to be new.  And not only are they new, they look very cool.  Beast-Man does include a recolored release of his usual chest armor, he also comes with a sweet Samurai helmet, shield, shoulder armor, flail and haidate (Samurai thigh guards).  The blue/gold color scheme on the armor looks really sweet and once again this could end up being the surprise figure in the wave.

Ram-Man (Mutated)

Like He-Man from the first wave, the fan-favorite Ram-Man comes mutated with semi-transparent skin.  His basic armor load-out has the classic MOTU look with spikes on the shoulders.  Appropriately, Ram-Man in his mutated form has ram horns coming from each side of his helmet.   Included accessories are two recycled axes that Origins (and Vintage) collectors should be familiar with.  The vintage style axe can be stored on his back.  Both work well with this wicked, insane design of Ram-Man.

There wil also be deluxe releases in the Turtles of Grayskull line.  Masters of the Universe Origins featured two types of deluxe releases.  Non-exclusive deluxe action figures were released in waves just like the regular figures.  Where the “regular” figure waves contained four figures per wave, the deluxe were two per wave.  The exclusive deluxe figures were released in box packaging (think Eternian Palace Guard and Moss Man).  Why am I explaining all of this?  It’s very simple:  we know of four deluxe action figures so far in the Turtles of Grayskull action figure line.  All four are store exclusives and early packaging images by Mattel show the first two due for release in box packaging.

Will all deluxe releases be store exclusive?  I have not seen anything to make me believe they all will be, but I have also not seen any non-exclusive deluxe figures (yet).  For now we’ll leave this question open and to be answered in a future article.  Let’s move on to the deluxe exclusive releases starting with the first Target exclusive – Mouse-Jaw, and the first Wal-Mart exclusive – Krang.  For these two, Mattel’s awesome design team has already released packaging images and art so you’ll get a little better look at what to expect.  Look for both in January 2024 at their respective stores.

Mouse-Jaw (Target exclusive)

Mouse-Jaw is the first Target exclusive deluxe release.  From the back of the packaging we learn that Trap-Jaw was Krang’s first experiment with ooze.  He merged with M.O.U.S.E. technology and now is a “mindless minion” in Skeletor’s mutant army.  Mouse-Jaw appears to be a somewhat normal Trap-Jaw design with obvious changes to color scheme and a mouser-style helmet/jaw on his head.  He still has his trademark swap out arm with attachments which can be stored on his belt.  The attachments are the same as with the vintage/Origins Trap-Jaw and in a blue metallic color.  A mouser and flame effect are also included and the head can become an attachment onto Mouse-Jaw’s robotic arm.  But that’s not all…from the packaging we also learn about the inclusion of build-a-figures in this action figure line with the first one being Metal-Boto!  The arm included to build Metal-Boto can also be swapped onto Mouse-Jaw for yet another look/combination in this deluxe set.  Be sure to also check out the really cool design for Teela teased in the artwork.

Krang (Wal-Mart exclusive)

The evil alien brain Krang has traded in his old android body for a new model featuring the legendary Masters of the Universe titan Megator.  This deluxe set is Wal-Mart exclusive and a quite formidable new body for the genius, which he built for himself.  Krang has swap-out hand attachments of an axe and a sword and can grow or shrink in size depending if you display him with chamber for the brain or without.  Like Mouse-Jaw, Mattel’s design team has released packaged images for Krang including nice close-ups of the art.  If you look at the image of the back of the package, the build-a-figure Metal-Boto is nowhere to be found.  Does this mean Metal-Boto is exclusive to Target deluxe releases?  When I found out I’ll let you know.

Sla’ker and Moss Man

I grouped these two together to close out this article.  These two I have the least information on but I think we’ll find out something pretty early into 2024.  For now, here is Sla’ker:  the Faker + Slash combination.  There’s good reason to believe that this is the second Target exclusive figure but based on this sole picture it is hard to see what is deluxe about it.  Sla’ker’s design is a brighter version of Slash.  On his arms you’ll probably recognize the infamous Beast-Man armor now recolored in bright purple.  On his chest is a tear in his armor revealing a very cool detail for all of us geeks.  Where Faker’s computer sticker would normally be found is now a very similar sticker with two pizzas (each missing a slice!) where the old-style computer reels were.  A small but very cool detail!  Sla’ker also includes two knives that are very similar to the ones that Slash is known for.

The Man himself, Moss Man, will close out this article.  Moss Man is the second deluxe Wal-Mart exclusive.  Without knowing what’s going on storewise with our Eternian master gardener you can tell from the pictures that something has gone really wrong.  And with an educated guess it probably involves mutagen and Krang.  Moss Man seems to be transparent like the mutated purple He-Man and Ram-Man action figures yet he is green.  His armor though consists mainly of purple and includes some of the clear purple on the octopus-like arms reaching from the back.  Also included is a large Venus fly trap like accessory that can be swapped out for his head (with neck attachment).  Looking at the pictures, it seems the Venus fly trap accessory can also be used as a shield/weapon.