Closer Look: Jurassic World Hammond Collection Lab Tour

December 27, 2023

Mattel’s Jurassic World Hammond Collection began in 2022 with the 3 3/4″ action figures replacing the 6″ Amber Collection.  While the 6″ figures were decent, the 3 3/4″ size just fit in with the large dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park universe better.

The latest exclusive set for Mattel Creations features the Lab Tour from the original movie.  Like most Mattel exclusive sets the packaging is an experience in itself.  The Lab is packaged inside of a black Jurassic Park box with the 30th Anniversary logo.  As you open the two iNGen lab doors you’ll find Dr. Henry Wu and Mr. DNA along with some accessories.  The lab doors are constructed of a thicker cardboard with lines to fold.  Doing this helps keep them open in the wider lab display.  In the background of the main area you’ll see Velociraptor eggs in an incubator along with another cardboard incubator towards the front.  This is to recreate the famous birth scene of the baby Velociraptor.  Also included is a cardboard tv screen that Mr. DNA’s cartoon is played on in the film.

The iNGen lab packaging itself has a gray button on the front, that when pressed turns on a white LED light over the area near the cardboard incubator to highlight whoever is standing there.  While the white light is on one of four Dr. Wu’s movie lines plays on the tiny speaker built into the ceiling of the package.  After Dr. Wu’s line, the white light turns off, and a blue LED light turns on in the area near the screen Mr. DNA’s animated story is told from.  Like the doctor, one of four movie phrases by Mr. DNA is also played through the hidden speaker.  Here are the four pairs of movie lines included:

Dr. Wu:  “There’s no unauthorized breeding in Jurassic Park.”  Mr. DNA:  “Just one drop of your blood contains billions of strands of DNA.”

Dr. Wu:  “Perfect timing.”  Mr. DNA:  “A DNA strand, like me, is a blueprint for building a living thing.”

Dr. Wu:  “It’s really not that difficult.”  Mr. DNA:  “Bingo – Dino DNA!”

Dr. Wu:  “It’s a velociraptor.”  Mr. DNA:  “And now we can make a baby dinosaur.”

Dr. Wu has a very nice head sculpt for a 3 3/4″ action figure that is a decent likeness of the character.  His head can rotate horizontally and vertically and features articulation points at his shoulders (ball joint), elbows, waist, hips, thighs, knees (butterfly joint), and feet.  He includes four total swap-out hands with one having his clipboard attached.  Each hand is articulated at the wrist as well.  The figure also includes an extremely tiny pencil and a hatching Velociraptor egg.

The other included figure is really more of an accessory.  Mr. DNA, as super cool as he is, has no articulation at all.  He is one solid mold of clear plastic, including the base he sits on.  Don’t expect to pose his arms or move him in anyway. While I mentioned he’s made from one solid mold, I would not recommend playing too rough with him as he seems pretty fragile.  He also seems to be kind of tall.  At 2 1/2″ he seems too big when displayed next to Dr. Wu (or any other Hammond Collection release).  The negatives though are very minor and he’s fun to have as part of the Hammond Collection.

I thoroughly enjoyed this set.  While I didn’t expect to dislike it, I also didn’t expect to like it as much as I do.  For $30.00, the price is not too crazy for an online exclusive release.  Yes, it is technically only one figure for your collection, but Mr. DNA and the elaborate packaging make up for it in my mind.

If you are a collector of the Hammond Collection do not let this one get away from you.  While writing this Closer Look, the Lab Tour set is still in-stock exclusively at Mattel Creations.  If you’d like to add one to your collection, click here.  I don’t think you’ll regret it!