Super Action Stuff – The Ultimate Weapons Rack


January 9, 2024

Super Action Stuff, creator of the Casket of Cruelty and Cursed Crate, has an all new set titled The Ultimate Weapons Rack on the way.  Coming in April/May 2024 to Project Action Figure Store, The Ultimate Weapons Rack can be assembled in many different cool combinations and expanded further with additional sets.  MSRP for this new accessory set is 23.99,  click here to check out this new item at PAFS and be sure to read all about this awesome new set by our friends at Happy Cat.

The Ultimate Weapons Rack is the a modular accessories rack for action figures that can be rearranged into multiple shapes and formations to better display your action figures, their accessories and weapons. It’s designed to upgrade your displays and provide a functional background within your old, boring bookshelf.


  • 8 panels (70mm/2.75” square) with a peg board formation on one side and steel texture.
  • 8 corner connector pieces
  • 8 C-Clips
  • 8 U-Clips
  • 2 Buckets
  • 2 Shelves
  • 48 pins for connecting walls

Stop hiding your awesome action figure accessories and weapons in plastic bags and containers, and have them displayed and accessible with your figures.  This display set allows you to create a functional, modular background and allows you to display your awesome accessories with your figures, rather than hiding them in plastic bags and containers.

Ideal for accessories in the 1/10 and 1/12 scale size, but will also work with larger and smaller scales. Sets are compatible with each other and can be connected to make a massive wall or room to act as a diorama display for your figures on your shelves.

Accessories are for adult collectors 15 years and older. Contains small parts. Figures, weapons, and accessories pictured are not included and are shown for scale and compatibility only.  Scales with all popular toy lines including: Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series, GI Joe Classified, Mezco ONE:12, WWE, FIGMA, Mythic Legions, Power Rangers Lightning Collection, SH Figuarts, Amazing Yamaguchi, Super7, NECA, McFarlane Toys, MAFEX, Mattel, and more.