Disney License Ends Early, Simpsons and Disney Ultimates! Conclude In ’24


January 11, 2024

Super7’s Brian Flynn was asked about the future of Disney and The Simpsons Ultimates! and the news is not good for fans of both lines.  Unfortunately the Disney license is not moving forward.  With The Simpsons being a Disney property, they are done as well…for now anyways. Super Sized and ReAction Figures as well as Ultimates! are all affected.

The Simpsons did not perform as well as they had hoped, and Super7 is not moving forward with future products.  Figures that have been shown currently and available for pre-order will still be completed, but that is the end of both lines unfortunately. Brian revealed that they had sculpts ready for Ultimates! for the Simpsons family characters, more obscure Springfield residents, and of course more Disney in general.  With about a year’s worth of unannounced figures ready to go for both properties, Brian mentions that hopefully one day they get to another shot with the license.  But as of now – what’s been available for pre-order is the end of the road.

Go to 34:54 in the video to hear about it.