Pre-Order: Marvel Legends X-Men ’97 Wave Two


February 1, 2024

Marvel Legends X-Men ‘97 wave two is now available for pre-order.  Wave two features Cyclops, Magneto, Executioner, Goblin Queen, Nightcrawler, and Jean Grey.  Each figure includes two alternate hands, an alternate head sculpt and has a retail price of 24.99.  Full pre-order information can be found below.  And don’t forget to check out the upcoming animated series revival on Disney+.  The ten episode season is rumored to begin streaming starting in March 2024.


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Hasbro Pulse | AmazonEntertainment Earth

Jean Grey

Hasbro Pulse | Amazon | Entertainment Earth

Goblin Queen

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Hasbro Pulse | AmazonEntertainment Earth 


Hasbro Pulse | AmazonEntertainment Earth