Masters of the Universe Wave 17 Packaging Reveal

February 7, 2024

Mattel’s Most Heroic Packaging Designer Manuel Eduardo Caritas is back again with more sweet MOTU reveals.  This time he has the two new Cartoon Collection releases from Wave 17 – Teela and Trap Jaw.  Like the two previous waves of the Cartoon Collection, a fan-favorite re-released Origins figure is included in this new assortment.

This time we see a re-release of the Masters of the Universe Origins Zodac on a Fan-Favorite cardback.  The Cartoon Collection releases include episode specific accessories from the beloved 80s Filmation cartoon.  Teela includes a training robot from the episode “Pawns of the Game Master” and Trap Jaw an Eternium rock as seen in “Double Edged Sword”.  Also worth noting is a preview of two new Cartoon Collection figures on the cardbacks:  Stratos and Mer-Man.  We’ll assume these two will be Wave 18 along with another Fan Favorite re-release.

Check out the image gallery below for a preview of these new Masters of the Universe Origins action figures and click the links below to sign up for in-stock notifications for Wave 17 – they are already on their way and we should have them available in roughly 10-12 days.  Cartoon Collection Teela and Trap Jaw along with Fan Favorite Zodac will be 18.99 each at Project Action Figure Store with flat rate shipping!

PAFS: Cartoon Collection Teela – PAFS: Cartoon Collection Trap Jaw – PAFS: Fan Favorite Zodac