Silverhawks Ultimates! Copper Kid and Space Racer Teaser

February 7, 2024

We knew Super7 had something big planned for tomorrow and was fairly certain what it was.  Now thanks to a teaser picture by Super7 on socials it seems our instincts were correct.  Tomorrow Copper Kid finally joins the Super7 Ultimates! line.  As if that wasn’t good enough news on its own, the Space Racer is on the way as well!  We do not know if these will be sold as a set or if they will be individual releases (like they did for Thundercats Mandora and Electro-Charger).  Either way this is a very good news for all the Silverhawks collectors!  Check out the teaser picture below from Super7 along with a few shots of the pair in action from the original animated series.