2024 Retailer Appreciation Wave: “Haunted Blue” Ghost of Jacob Marley figure


February 17, 2024

Four Horsemen Studios has revealed the third release in the 2024 Approved Retailer Appreciation wave: “Haunted Blue” version of the Ghost of Jacob Marley. Our site store, Project Action Figure Store, is an approved retailer and will have ALL of this wave available!

The third reveal as part of our 2024 Retailer Appreciation wave is a “Haunted Blue” version of our Ghost of Jacob Marley figure! The chain-dragging spectre from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” gets a whole new look – and he glows in the dark!

All the items from the original release of Marley are here in this new edition, including the “surprise head” that was hidden in the safe in that first version.

The retailer version of the Ghost of Jacob Marley will be $69.99, available ONLY from our retailer partners. He joins the new versions of the Monkey King and the Red Death, as well as some other yet-to-be-revealed figures for the 2024 Retailer Appreciation wave. That wave goes up for preorder from our retailers starting on 3/1. Stay tuned for more information, and more reveals, for this special wave from Four Horsemen Studios!