Marvel Legends Pulse FanStream News and Reveals


February 20, 2024

Hasbro’s first Marvel Legends Pulse Livestream of 2024 was loaded with reveals, news, and information.  Here’s a walkthrough of what was covered by the team of Ryan, Dwight and Dan.  First up is a look at one of the head sculpts for the HasLab Giant Man.  Still an early look, with the bright white teeth needing some attention, the focus here is on the very realistic looking eyes.  Giant Man is “looking” awesome for sure!

New MCU releases are on the way later in 2024 for the two new movies Fantastic Four and Deadpool and Wolverine (Deadpool 3).  No further information just yet but will be available when timing allows with marketing.  Moving on to Spider-Man: The Animated Series reveals…in addition to the recent pre-order for Daredevil and Hydro-Man VHS 2-pack we will be getting Dr. Strange and Morbius in another VHS 2-pack.  This set will be exclusive to Hasbro Pulse and pre-orders will go live later this month.

Spider-Man: The Animated Series will also be getting some retro cardback releases in 2024.  The first two will be Prowler and Carnage.  Prowler has all pinless parts and includes alternate unmasked headsculpt.  He will be exclusive to Wal-Mart stores in the US and Canada and part of Wal-Marts upcoming Collector Con online event.  Carnage uses the body from the Knull release with all new head and new alternate weapons (double bladed axe and oversized sickle arm piece).  Carnage will be exclusive to Target stores in the US and Toys R Us / Fan Channel in Canada.

Next up is from the Empyre storyline (see pic of Fantastic Four #21).  With the previous release of Franklin and Val Richards 2-pack, this new pair of Spider-Man and Wolverine round out the team!  Both Spidey and Wolverine will come with alternate hands.  Like Franklin and Val this 2-pack will be a fan channel exclusive released later in 2024.  Also worth noting is another yet-to-be-revealed Wolverine for the Marvel Legends celebration of his 50th anniversary.  No clues or hints beyond stay tuned but this one seemed to be pretty exciting for Legends team member Dan!

Next up are two new Captain America action figures.  Captain America (Secret Empire) will be exclusive to Wal-Mart in the US and Canada and will also be part of the upcoming Collector Con event.  The second Captain America is Sam Wilson complete with wings and shield.  Sam will be a Target exclusive in the US and Toys R Us in Canada.  For the US, pre-orders begin for Sam Wilson at Target on February 28.  They had these in the works to go along with the new Captain America movie originally planned for 2024.  Even though the movie was pushed to 2025, these will still be hitting this year.

Continuing with the Captain America theme, a villain 2-pack featuring Baron Zero and Arnim Zola is on the way as an Amazon exclusive.  Arnim Zola was originally released in the Marvel Legends line as a build-a figure and did see a return repainted and included in a 2-pack with Hydra Supreme.  Now he gets a new classic inspired comic release with two heads (an all new head sculpt) and updated chest graphic.  Baron Zero returns in his original form featuring his fur collar, crown, hood, and unmasked headsculpt.

Wrapping up the Captain America theme is a Shield 3-pack.  This set will include Nick Fury Jr., Sharon Carter, and Dum Dum Dugan.  Dum Dum gets his debut in the Legends line as he previously was only available as a swap-out headsculpt with an older release of Nick Fury.  All three figures use different bodies.  Sharon is super-articulated since she uses parts from the amazing Black Widow figure from 2023.  Butterflies and double pinless included on the trio as well along with a ton of accessories (some not shown yet).  More information on this set to come later in the year.

This Fanstream then focused on the new Zabu build-a-figure wave, which you can find full coverage on by clicking here.  To wrap things up they showed a very tiny knife accessory as a hint at an upcoming reveal…what could it be referring to?