RE:EDIT Halo Reach Noble One Carter-A259


February 22, 2024

Next up in 1000 Toys RE:EDIT Halo Reach series is Noble One aka Carter-A259.  For those unfamiliar, they will be releasing the complete team of six in 2024 and 2025 (three releases each year).  Spartan-B312 was already revealed to kick this set off and is expected to arrive fourth quarter 2024.  Here is a look at the Previews exclusive version of Carter-A259:

From the hit FPS HALO: Reach, the leader of Noble Team, CARTER-A259 (Noble One) is now a 1/12 scale fully-articulated action figure!

The exterior armor pieces are made from ABS plastic to depict the intricate mechanical details while the die cast used in the inner frame helps to provide an overall durability and wide range of articulation.

Included with the figure is the M392 DMR, Carter’s signature firearm. The Exclusive Edition features a chrome finish to the visor, and also a Covenant Energy Sword as an extra weapon.

Also included with Noble One is a part of fists, open hands, weapon hands (three different styles), and an M392 DMR.  You can pre-order Carter-A259 now direct from 1000 Toys and Entertainment Earth.  Look for this Spartan to hit collections in late 2024/early 2025.