Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Primal Series 2 Preview


March 5, 2024

Spero Toys Animal Warriors of the Kingdom are based off a six issue comic series from 2011 of the same name and created by Jason Bienvenu.  Fans that have read the first four issues of the 2020 reboot are eagerly awaiting the close of the arc with the fifth issue.  The plot revolves around various primates, both good and evil, and includes many other species of the wild animal kingdom.  Pale, the young hero of the adventure, is determined to take down the big bad villain Kah Lee.  Like any good story there are cliffhangers, twists and turns along the way creating characters that you want to see succeed (and some you want to see fail).

Accompanying the comic, is a toy line of action figures and accessories that have become popular among collectors.  The first group of action figure releases, known as Primal Series one, is about to complete when the fourth and final wave hits this summer.  What happens next with the toy line?  Spero Toys has plans in place, and we’re here to give you a preview of what the future contains!  Before we get into the next round of figures let’s take a moment to explore the adventure of how the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom made it to this point.

Spero Toys Animal Warriors of the Kingdom action figure line launched in February 2023 after a very successful kickstarter campaign.  Featuring detailed sculpts based on designs that pay homage to the unforgettable characters and toys of the 80’s and 90’s. This new series of figures quickly gained the attention of many collectors.  The line has very solid construction, and while these toys are great to display they are also a lot of fun to play with and durable.  The articulation also walks a very nice line between the basic standards of the previously mentioned 80’s and more modern series with “super articulation”.  There is a sweet spot right in the middle and Spero Toys hit the bullseye with their design.

Finding the formula for success was not an easy road though.  In 2016 a kickstarter was launched for a toy line of four inch action figures based on the comics.  The kickstarter itself was not successful and with feedback from the failed campaign they headed back to the drawing board.  In 2017 Spero tried it once again implementing the suggestions from their fans and this time it was a success.  Now the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom were ready to begin production and on their way to debut in toy stores.  The four inch line saw the release of twelve basic figures and eight deluxe figures in 2019 including popular characters from the comic series such as Pale, General Thane, Atrieu, Laranja and the evil Kah Lee.

When the Toy Fair 2021 was cancelled due the the Covid-19 pandemic, Spero Toys decided to switch their focus to an all-new launch of the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom, this time in 1/12 scale format.  The switch to a 6″ action figure would allow for the toys to fit in with many of the more popular lines without appearing out of place.  Now these beasts could team-up or battle characters from lines like Marvel Legends, DC Universe Classics, and many more as this size had somewhat become a standard for action figures.

This new 6″ Animal Warriors of the Kingdom action figure line began with the reveal of four waves as part of Primal Series One.  Wave one consisted of a six figure lineup featuring the apes from The House of Chunar:  Pale (in adventurer armor) a Chunari Legionary and the ruthless high lord of the Horrid Ravagers Baron Kah Lee (in conquest armor), and his savage warriors (the Horrid Ravagers). Rounding out the wave was two big cats from the House of Feralist: the prince Atrieu (in regal armor) and his shady ambassador Tiberius.  Weapon sets featuring a mixture of swords, shields, axes, spears, and more in five color schemes:  iron, cobalt, gold, Chunari (red), and radiation (glow-in-the-dark).

Wave two consisted of the House of Feralist combat master Khor Doon, the Horrid saboteur Blight, and the lynx with no allegiance beyond his own – Lexion the Terrible.  The second wave also introduced the first deluxe figure:  the leader of the Chunari Army General Thane.  A limited edition Power-Con exclusive repaint of this deluxe release was available in the popular Masters of the Universe villain Beast Man’s colors orange and blue (and even included a whip accessory!)  Another limited edition release was available in this wave with the addition of the mighty paladin Vero Atlas.  Wave two also introduced the series to the Ancients, five stripped down “basic” action figure releases to pop and swap head sculpts (released in three 3-packs as part of the wave), weapon sets, and the wave three loot chests which contained pieces of armor to create your own Animal Warriors.  The Ancients lineup featured a Chunari Infantry and Horrid Scavenger, Onyx, Ash, and another Beast Man homage named Feral Beasty.

Wave three shifted the focus heavily to building up the armies for the various factions.  These releases consisted of the Chunari Centurion, Feralist Stalker, Horrid Infantry, and another deluxe figure:  the Horrid Brute.  Continuing with the army building theme, this wave was the debut of the previously mentioned loot chests for the Ancients. The pieces included within the loot chests are also compatible with the other regular sized figures.

Wave Four closes out Primal Series One and is due to release summer 2024.  This final wave focuses on a gladiator theme and consists of four new figures:  Pale and Atrieu in gladiator gear, Ahaw Kinn from the House of Feralist, and the Horrid Mongrel who not only participate in the gladiatorial games but also provide extra muscle to the Kah Lee’s army.

With the first Primal Series completed, it’s almost time for the start of Series Two.  What does the future hold for Spero Toys Animal Warriors of the Kingdom?  To get things started an all-new kickstarter campaign will be launched on March 6, 2024.  The focus of the rest of this article is all Primal Series Two:  new characters, articulation, figures, accessories and more!

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Series 2

Primal Series Two will consist of four brand new body types spread across three waves.  The new body types include reptiles, brawlers (beefy buck), females (sleek athletic aesthetic), and speedsters (slim and agile profile).  These four new bodies will bring a broader range of unique characters into the line and extend customization options even further.  In addition to the new body types, all figures will be pinless with several featuring a newly added “calf cut”.  Weapons, accessories, and the majority of armor parts used (over 95%) are also all brand new in this series.  You may be wondering why all the armor pieces aren’t new as well?  Blame it on the reptiles, who salvage pieces from fallen opponents as trophies.

The first wave in Primal Series Two features the reptiles and brawlers, and is expected to release in August 2024.  We’ll start off this preview with the salvaging reptiles which feature a brand new buck sculpted by Dan Mitchell and painted by Jason Bienvenu.  The new reptile buck is sculpted with a lot of detail including scaly skin and snarling facial expressions.  With these two reptiles we get a look at the scavenged armor previously mentioned. Mismatched in color and design, both feature a mixture that give them a very unique look.

Up first is Corvias – The Cold Blood, who is a cunning and skilled warrior whose lust for battle often finds him lending his skills and showmanship to the Horrid Gladiatorial games.  Corvias The Cold Blood includes a sword, blade, and axe for battle.  Next we have Gresch – The Jungle Shadow.  The chameleon warrior is known for relying mostly on the element of surprise.  This sneaky conniving master of camouflage often takes out his prey before they even know he’s there.  Gresch has an articulated jaw that has a chain-like tongue attachment.  Gresch, the Jungle Shadow, will include two katana blades along with his chain tongue attachment.  The final reptile figure in this wave is the Varanidae Heavy Infantry.   This figure will unlock when the kickstarter campaign hits $120,000.  Fitted with heavy plate armor and a tower shield these heavy infantry troopers can be seen fighting for the likes of House Horrid, Wolftron, and Aviar.  As part of the Veranidae, the Heavy Infantry include a more standard armor color and come with two blades along with the tower shield.  The reptiles will have an all-new weapon set titled Cold-Blooded.  This accessory set features iron-like weapons including a spear, axe, two metal claws, a sword, and three more blades.  An alternate head pack rounds out the reptiles and will unlock at $130,000.

Now we’ll take a look at the brawlers who also feature a brand new buck sculpted by Arlen Pelletier and again painted by the talented Jason Bienvenu.  The appropriately named brawlers are “a powerhouse of muscle” and the buck is just slightly smaller than the gorilla buck used for General Thane, Tanger, and the Horrid Brutes from Primal Series one.  First up is King Hannibal of the House Feralist who represents the only real resistance against House Horrid. This Nobel King is a battle-proven leader and tactician who sent his heir out into the world to help create an alliance with the other great animal Houses to form a unified resistance to Emperor Kah Lee and House Horrid while he stands guard at the gates of House Feralist.  King Hannibal is a mighty lion which includes a large sword and spiked mace and is outfitted in regal blue armor.

Next we get the evil leader of the Horrid in “Prime” form.  Kah Lee Prime is the vile Emperor of House Horrid who takes the form of a muscle-bound brute ready to decimate Pale and his team, as they stand in the way of his ultimate goal of ridding himself of a centuries-old curse!  The buff primate Kah Lee includes a very elegantly detailed gold staff, a blue shield detailed with gold and a large blade.  The final figure to use this new buck is Grimes and unlocks at $160,000.  Grimes is Captain Boone’s (we’ll cover him in wave two!) first mate and loyal friend.   The two pirates play both sides of the conflict and make a lot of coin-fairing goodies throughout the trade routes.  This oversized sharp toothed canine includes blue armor on his torso and extra ammunition on his wrist.  Like the reptiles, the brawlers will also have a weapon accessory pack titled Bonecrusher.  Inside this accessory set there will be a large and small sword, mace, rifle, pistol and war hammer.

Primal Series Two wave two has an expected release date of October 2025 and features the final two new body types:  the females and rogue speedsters.  We’ll start off looking at the all new female buck sculpted by Dan Mitchell and painted by Jason Bienvenu.  With the introduction of the female buck series two will see the debut of Pale’s mom Mother Mala.  The Patriarch of House Chunari.  Mother Mala is a powerful magic wielder, master strategist, and cunning warrior.  Her reputation is well-known and respected among the Great Animal Houses, including House Horrid.  Included with Mother Mala is a dagger, blue ice covered shield, and bronze blade with fire effect.  With the addition of a heroine comes an evil counterpart in the form of Kah Lee’s wife Lady Jadoo.  Second in command to Emperor Kah Lee, this genius puts her skills to use in keeping Kah Lee in good health and creating war machines for the Horrid Army.  She likes to tinker and create monsters in her spare time; this includes the menacing creature known as the Void!  Lady Jadoo will include a blunderbuss, sharp pick, and two small dagger-like knives.  The females will also have a weapon accessory set titled Rogues.  The Rogues accessory set features a bow, arrow, quiver of arrows, scythe, dagger, and two push blades.  All bladed weapons have an elegant maroon color with gold trimming.

Rounding out wave two are the speedsters Kanji and Boone.  This sleek and swift new buck was sculpted by the duo of Arlen Pelletier and Dan Mitchell and painted by Jason Bienvenu.  Up first is the rabbit warrior Kanji.  This talented bowman joined Pale’s team from a most unexpected area.  The humble rabbit warrior came from a Lepis Village under the protection of King Hannibal and House Feralist.  Trained as a special request from the Lupis Elder Black Paw, Kanji soon became a skilled bowman and is now a vital part of Pale’s team.  Kanji is outfitted in a forest green “Robin Hood” color with a dagger and sheath in the front.  He also includes a bow, arrow, and quiver full of arrows.  The other new figure to use the speedster buck is the aforementioned Boone the Pirate and friend of the aforementioned Grimes.  Despite the Horrid’s firm control of most things on Tha-kin Tuum, it’s the Pirates Guild who control most of the trade routes. If you have goods to transport, or a high-value passenger to smuggle past the Wolftorn Patrols, Boone is your man.  The pirate fox has a leather vest, bright blue sash around his waist, pistol and holster attached to his belt, and a robotic left arm.  He also includes a small black knife and an automatic rifle.  Like the previous new body types, the Speedsters have an all-new weapon accessory set titled Assassins.  Inside this set you’ll find a scoped rifle, crossbow, three pistols, three grenades, kunai (small knife), and a flat blade.

Wrapping up the new kickstarter is one more limited edition release featuring the heroic Pale. The long-awaited and heavily requested Spectral Pale is finally available!  This limited edition glow-in-the-dark Pale is sure to bring out the kid in Animal Warriors of the Kingdom collectors! Spectral Pale is limited to five figure per backer during the kickstarter.  While Spectral Pale wraps up the kickstarter there is still one more new action figure on the way.  The Void, who was available for pre-order starting in November 2023, is due for release in September 2024.  Pale and Atreiu are captured and are forced to do battle in the arena with this malevolent monster.  The Void is part mech, part wolf, and all evil! His horrifying howl signifies a prelude of death.

To get an early jump on Primal Series Two be sure to support the kickstarter when it goes live by clicking here and help bring these amazing new characters to the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom 1/12 scale line.  To close out this article I thought it would be fun to take a look at how far the Spero Toys team has came from the early 4″ period in 2017 to the current 6″ line that we know and love today.

ANIMAL WARRIORS OF THE KINGDOM™ Primal Series 2 Kickstarter