Mythic Legions Retailer Exclusive Blue Hagnon and Lijae of the Elite Elven Guard Now Available


March 6, 2024

The final two releases in the 2023 Mythic Legions retailer exclusives wave are in-stock and ready to ship!  These are available along with the final two delayed Poxxus releases Tharnog and Kalizirr.  Like all of our Legions figure, the four new figures ship for FREE!  Here’s a look at each along with links to purchase direct from our site store – Project Action Figure Store:

Blue Hagnon (Glow-in-the-dark) – 49.99

Necronominus has returned, and the undead armies of his Congregation are called to his side. Hagnon has spent ages trying to free himself from the shackles that Morgolyth has placed upon him. Once nothing more than an insubstantial ghost of his former self, Hagnon’s power has grown. He now glows with blue spectral energy as he takes up his sword and shield. Will he join the undead in their march against the Legions of Light, or will this spirit be able to master this new power and once again become the proud solider who fought with the pious knights of the Order of Eathyron.

Includes chain with cuffs, ball and chain, orc sword, “wooden” shield with handle, and three heads total – zombie head, skull, knight helmet, all in clear blue plastic like the rest of the Hagnon body

Lijae of the Elite Elven Guard – 49.99

The kingdoms of Xylernia and Leandorr have a long history of working together as the two most unlikely, and yet also the closest, of allies in the Legions of Light. Along the border of these kingdoms is a blended unit comprised of soldiers from each of these heroic factions. The Elite Guard is made of up of elves, half-orcs, men, minotaurs, and more. Leading these soldiers are highly trained commanders, including Lijae, of the Elite Elven Guard. A decorated soldier whose ambition from an early age was to join the blended unit, he is a shining example of the dedication and purity of purpose found within the ranks of these golden-armored guardians.

Includes Elf short sword, elf shield, long bow, quiver, helmet and two heads: elf head and a half-orc head

Poxxus Wave Brute Scale Tharnog – 64.99

As an intermediary between the mortal and spirit worlds, the Orc Shaman Tharnog’s power is obtained from arcane knowledge gained from the realm beyond. In his younger days, his mystical skills were brandished as part of Queen Urkzaa’s quiet resistance against the Orcs’ servitude to The Legions of Arethyr. Inspired by Urkzaa’s honorable intentions, Tharnog relocated himself and offered to wield his gifts for a righteous fight alongside Herra Serpenspire and The Convocation of Bassylia.

Includes:  Shaman staff, magic ball, 2 sets of hands and 2 heads total, 1 with face paint and one without

Poxxus Wave Brute Scale Kalizirr – 64.99

Born of an elemental fire that transcends our physical plane, the Djinn of Mythoss are an enigmatic people known for their great power and unpredictable allegiances. Considered spirits by some and demons by others, they are mighty beings who draw their abilities from the elements. Typically bound to inanimate objects by wizards and spellcasters seeking to tame their unruly strength, Djinn are both all powerful and prisoners of their own existence. The malevolent Kalizirr is a rare Djinn who has been freed from his bondage. Bent on revenge on the magic wielder that imprisoned him, Kalizirr is faithful to the cause of Poxxus and his war on honorable magic.

Includes: Magic lamp, large scimitar sword, magic effects, necklace, and 2 sets of hands