Pre Order: Transformers Studio Series Voyager Class Autobot Blaster and Eject


March 7, 2024

This multipack features movie-inspired details and accessories with the Autobot Blaster figure converting from robot to boombox mode and the Eject figure to mini-cassette mode, plus action-packed poseability options on your shelf with the included Decepticon Shuttle Ambush removable backdrop scene!

Available for pre-order Target with limited availability on HasbroPulse beginning at 9:00am ET for Hasbro Pulse Premium members and 10:00am ET for all fans!

Make sure to check out the first Transformers Fanstream TODAY, celebrating 40 years of Transformers legacy.

Transformers Studio Series Voyager The Transformers: The Movie 86-25 Autobot Blaster & Eject

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