Mattel Creations Exclusive Elite Collection CM Punk Returns Available 3/22


March 19, 2024

Mattel’s upcoming online event titled Revealed promises a look behind the scenes of your favorite brands by the company.  And with almost any online event yes, there will be exclusives available.  For the WWE line Mattel will have pre-orders available for CM Punk in the Elite series.  This will be his first action figure since his departure from AEW and back to WWE.  This release is titled CM Punk Returns and is notably made to order, which should mean there will be plenty available for what is sure to be a hot pre-order for collectors.  Punk is 25.00 each with no limits on ordering.  Pre-orders being during the second day of Revealed on March 22 at 1:20 PM EST (10:20 AM PST) and can be purchased by clicking here.  Mattel is only providing renders for this upcoming exclusive so odds are very high that it’ll be later in 2024 before it’s available to ship.  Here’s a preview of CM Punk Returns along with information provided by Mattel:

WWE Elite Collection CM Punk Returns

The prodigal son of WWE returns! CM Punk is back and ready to reclaim WWE gold after almost 10 years away. Relive his epic surprise entrance at Survivor Series 2023 with our Elite Collection action figure. This made-to-order version of the Second City Saint features details like his signature tattoos and comes with two different soft goods T-shirts. 

  • WWE Elite Collection CM Punk Returns Action Figure 
  • Wears his street clothes just like in his surprise return to WWE 
  • Figure stands at approximately 6 inches tall with 24+ points of articulation  
  • Includes two soft goods T-shirts, watch accessory, and interchangeable hands 
  • Packaging replicates elements of the Survivor Series 2023 entrance