LegionsCon 2024 Exclusive 2 pack set revealed!

ByEric Keys

April 4, 2024

The Legend of Gasspparr The Unamused and Gawrychh The Unpredictable!

These two exclusive figures are tribute figures for the two hosts of the weekly Four Horseman YouTube live show; George Gaspar, 4HM Project Manager, and Chris Gawrych, 4HM Production Manager.

Reimagined as a pair of half-orc adventurers who “travel the Realm fighting evil and seeking adventure”, this srt is loaded with parts and options for swapping to create new looks.

Exclusive edition of Gasspparr comes with a bonus dwarf head and full dwarf legs.

Exclusive edition of Gawrychh comes wirh exclusive repainted Attlus barbarian head.

Standard editions to be sold in 2025.

Available Day of LegionsCon 2024 on Saturday, November 9th, 2024.

More information and tickets to purchase available here: http://www.legionscon.com/