AWOK Primal Series 2 Kickstarter Update: Avion


April 10, 2024

Spero Toys Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Primal series 2 kickstarter is in its last week!  Sitting at almost $238,000 with six days remaining, many of the unlocks have made the cut.  The next unlocks have been revealed and they are a trio of feathered warriors.  The first of the three is Raving who will be unlocked if the campaign reaches $260,000:

An Avion Spy in the service of Lady Jadoo, Raving offers his sharp vision and vast knowledge of geography to help gather vital information on the battlefield as well as all things intel-related.

Next up at $290,000 is the bard Merrill:

The Cardinal Bard, is a fun and sometimes mischievous storyteller and lover of songs and adventure, but don’t let his kind heart and easygoing demeanor fool you.  He can be quite feisty and good in a fight! 

And rounding out the birds is the Necromancer Scathing:

A vile wretch of a Vulture; this bird has an unholy fascination with the macabre. His fascination verges on obsession, leading to vile experiments and the creation of unnatural beings! NOTE:Design Not Final

Like the other animal factions there is also a weapon set (unlocked at $330,000) and an alternate heads pack (unlocked at $340,000) for Avion.  You have six days left to get in on this kickstarter and help make these figures become a reality.  Click here to head to the Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Primal series 2 kickstarter campaign and if you want more information on this exciting toy line be sure to check out our article on the toy line.  To close out this article here’s a look at everything unlocked so far: