The Mysteries of Mythoss on sale Monday, 4/22 at 11am EST


April 17, 2024

Big news for Four Horsemen Fans!

This coming Monday (4/22) we will have a very special sale at – “The Mysteries of Mythoss” blind box surprise packages!

Each “box” will be $75 and will contain 2 figures – one older chase figure from the list shown in this email’s image, and one newer figure from a more current wave (like Illythia or All Stars 5). Each box is guaranteed to include 1 of the chase figures, many of which are some of the most desirable characters in the Mythic Legions line!

These “chase” figures come from a small reissue run of 14 characters we did as part of the 10-year anniversary of Mythic Legions, as well as a number of warehouse finds we made recently. This is an opportunity to score one of those older figures, plus another cool Legions figure, for original direct preorder prices!

There will be NO LIMIT on the number of mystery boxes you can purchase, and we will do our best to make each figure you get unique for mystery boxes purchased in a single order! Obviously, depending on how many you order, there could be duplicates in your delivery, but we will do our best to mix it up and smaller orders should absolutely get all different figures!

Finally – as part of this sale, we are also testing out a “Flat Rate Shipping” option for US orders. Purchase as many 2-figure mystery boxes as you want in a single order and you can ship them ALL for just $9.99! This shipping rate does not apply outside of the US.

The items from these mystery boxes are IN STOCK and shipping will begin immediately! Due to the volume of orders we will receive, we expect it will take 2-3 weeks to get all orders out.

Set your alarm for Monday morning – because the Mysteries of Mythoss hits at 11am EST!

See our NEWS item for more details on this sale here.