Masters of the Universe Origins Vypor Preview


April 20, 2024

Thanks to an early listing by Amazon we have a preview of another upcoming Snake Man Masters of the Universe Origins release:  Vypor.  Featuring a multi-jointed neck and articulated jaw, this new addition to Origins line includes a detailed harness with removable neck piece, two metal chains, removable skirt armor, and staff.  Vypor is another first time released deep-cut for the Masters of the Universe Origins lineup originally featured in the vintage Snake Men series and designed by Axel Gimenez.  He will come packaged with an exclusive mini-comic which should provide more information on this “new” figure’s background.  We are assuming this will be an Amazon exclusive release but for now it is unavailable for pre-order and no exclusivity details are provided.  Stay tuned for more on Vypor and enjoy the early preview images!