Exclusive Transformers Comic Grimlock Live On Hasbro Pulse


April 25, 2024

The next Transformers comic based release is now available for pre-order exclusively on Hasbro Pulse.  Grimlock, now in his fourth repaint, is up next and will join Soundwave in the new line commemorating the 40th anniversary of the debut of the comic.  Expected to ship in August, this version of the fan favorite transforming T Rex is 54.99 and can be pre-ordered now by clicking here.  Grimlock comes in a very nice looking comic inspired package and includes a double-barreled blaster, crown, and three swords.  With Hasbro re-releasing some past toys that have insane secondary market prices hopefully the original Studio Series Grimlock will soon see a reappearance as well.  I have a feeling that’s the one fans are wanting the most…

Comic book Transformers bots are stepping off the page and onto collectors’ shelves with Transformers Comic Edition Grimlock! Grimlock leads a team of powerful Dinobots and fights on impulse, making him one of the strongest – and most unpredictable – Autobots. This Grimlock figure features comic-accurate deco and details, celebrating 40 years since the first Transformers comics were issued in 1984. The action figure converts from robot to T Rex mode and comes with a double-barreled blaster, a crown, and 3 sword accessories. 

Includes figure, 5 accessories, and instructions. 

  • COMIC EDITION GRIMLOCK: Grimlock is leaping out of the comic panels and into your collection! This 8.5-inch (21.5 cm) Grimlock action figure is inspired by the original The Transformers comic book series 
  • COMIC-ACCURATE DECO: With comic-accurate deco and black line hatching details, this Transformers figure looks like it came out of a comic book, celebrating 40 years since Transformers robots made their comic debut 
  • CLASSIC ALT MODE: Transformers Grimlock figure converts from robot to T. rex mode in 22 steps 
  • ACCESSORIES WORTHY OF A KING: This comic-inspired figure comes with 3 swords and a double-barreled blaster accessory. Also includes a crown accessory that can sit on the figure’s head