Figure It Out: Xesray Studio Combatants Fight For Glory Wave 4

ByEric Keys

April 30, 2024

Product Description: After the emperor was assassinated, the barbarians in the north began to stir. They no longer yielded or paid tribute to the empire, and assembled a large army in a short time. And in the East, a warlord calling himself the descendants of Achaemenid rose and tried to cross the Black Sea.

Xesray Studios has been around since 2020 and have had multiple successful waves of 1/12th scale action figures.  The focus of previous waves has been various types of male and female gladiators.  The collector community has embraced these figures with most selling in the $100+ territory.  They stand alone on their own shelf or fit into other larger lines like those from the Four Horseman Studios Mythic Legions.  The new Wave 4 is introducing the Roman Legions with 3 new characters; Aulus the Signifier, Marcus the Centurion and the Roman Infantry.

I am a long time action figure collector of 30+ years over many different lines.  Although I have never owned any Xesray studio product, I am familiar with their work and have been tempted to pick up a few of their older Gladiator wave figures.  I had the opportunity to get ahold of these early copies of Wave 4 and decided to review them to help anyone who may be on the fence with ordering them. Please keep in mind that these are early review samples and pre-ordered in hand products may differ*.  Reviews are only my opinion and in no way, shape or form influenced or shared by the staff at Project Action Figure.

I must admit that taking them out of the box left me slightly unimpressed.  My eyes jumped to the skin tones that were bland and my bias with Mythic Legions painted skin tones left a lot to be desired.  I started to remove the accessories from inside of the box and placed the weaponry on the figures.  I gave them a basic “hero pose” and I was immediately impressed by what I was looking at.  I became even more impressed once I took them all outdoors and found how photogenic these figures are with the sharp sculpting onto their armor.  A very basic, and to the point, breakdown of The Good, The Mid and The Bad to follow with a score for each of the figures:

The Good – Beautifully sculpted armor and helmet accessories. The individual coin type features on the Marcus figure are intricately detailed.  Leather isn’t often done or done well on other figures but they are done well here.  That face plate on Aulus is quite striking along with the wolf hood.  The chain mail on the armor is also sculpted very well.


Shields are very well done. There are damage marks on the shield itself as if there is actual battle damage.  Kudos to Xesray for this level of detail.

Excellent idea on the removable face plate to reveal faces.  I’ve seen flip up visors (see Mythic Legions Lady Avarona and Xylernian Guard for examples) but I have not seen slide on face shields that can be completely removed. Great idea….the execution on the other hand moves this also to “The Bad” category.

The Mid – articulation hindered a bit by the bulky armor.

Some lack of paint application especially on the human skin*.

Faces could use a little work, heads seem a little small without the helmets *.

The Bad – face plates easily fall off.  Any movement caused usually the face plates to slide or even fall off completely.  The most frustrating part to me on these figures was this feature.

Some may place the lack of dry brushing and paint as in the “Bad” category.

Aulus the Signifier – 8.75/10


Very cool design choice with the wolf shroud and love the chain mail design.  I do like the included banner but wish there was a little more paint application on it.*

Marcus the Centurion – 9/10

Love the detail on the armor and the added touch of soft goods.  The headpiece and gold faceplate are a nice touch.  The most detail on the chest armor is found here.

Roman Infantry – 8/10

Not my first choice out of these 3 but an excellent army builder and overall well done figure.  The spear is bendable and could use more detail. *

Comparison Shots with a few different figures; Mythic Legions Calavius, Mythic Legions Cador and Mezco Hulk.  Combatants Red Rhino and Kasos are also from Xesray Studios.

I have to say that I’m impressed with what I’m seeing here.  The unarmored bits tend to draw away from the beautiful nature of the armor but do not take away too much from the overall eye appeal of a very well done set of figures.

Combatants Fight For Glory Wave 4 expected to arrive Q2 2024.