Figure It Out: Special Mother’s Day Mythic Legions Illythia Review

ByEric Keys

May 13, 2024

Happy Mother’s Day to the Mom collectors in our community and the mothers who support those who have collecting as a hobby!  This review is for you!

Illythia, from the Mythic Legions action figure line, is a Vampire Goddess and mother to her brood in the world known as Mythoss.  Ilythia’s Brood is a ruthless legion of vampires fueled by constant hunger and these eaters of flesh are almost exclusively made up of those who gain their power by draining the life of others. (from Sourcehorsemen)  Using her weapon, “The Soul Spiller”, she takes souls by draining the life source of her opponents and filling her scales to continue the war against Mythoss.

Biography from Sourcehorsemen

Cold and calculating in nature, Illythia is the gracefully lethal personification of the eternal famine which curses her vampiric children. Whereas Arethyr’s rage is full of fire and fury, Illythia’s touch is decidedly icy and silent. After waiting in the shadows, her reunion with her long lost weapon The Soul Spiller has brought the apocalypse closer than ever. And just as Soul Spiller possesses the power to rob its victims of their life force, Illythia stands ready to drain the blood from Mythoss itself.

Initially released for pre-order on November 13th, 2020, Illythia did not get into collectors hands until 2022 and is no longer available for retail purchase.  I picked this figure up a couple of months ago when a member of the Facebook Group, The Mythic Legions Cabal, offered me a fair deal on her.  I had passed her over many times mostly disinterested in having the figure in my collection.  I felt a hole in my collection after having Arethyr and Poxxus but missing Illythia. If I have 2 of the Horsemen, don’t I NEED ALL of them?  Gotta love the life and reasoning of a collector.

I’m definitely glad to have her in my collection now.  Like most of the Mythic Legions offerings, this figure sparkles in hand and is so much better once you get your hands on it.  Commence the review!


The packaging is standard deluxe Mythic Legions with plastic clamshells and a paper backing.  Beautiful Nate Baertsch art as usual on the card front and back!

Initial Reaction: 

I left this figure unopened for a couple of months until the idea came up to do a full figure review on Illythia.  For whatever reason, I wasn’t too hot on this figure.  Probably because the vampires are one of my least favorite factions. As I unpacked her and started to accessorize her, the figure came to life.  Putting together Legions is usually pretty fun and this is no different.  There is a square slot in the back to insert the adapter to add in the very cool 4 extra skeleton arms.  The 2 circular holes in the back can be used for shoulder pauldrons.

The Good:

The figure is just beautiful.  Everything works so well together.  I dig the paint choice on the grayish skin tone and the contrast against the purple sculpted clothing and purple soft goods.  The black skeleton arms work as well.  A good amount of accessories from the specific Soul Spiller weapon to the included swords and extra scales.  The scales all have real metal chains.

The Mid:

The Soul Spiller Sword and head dress could’ve used a little more paint applications.  The ears always stuck out to me as being too “Orcish” or like a Goblin (or even too similar to Arethyr) but that’s more of a personal view than an objective stance on the sculpting.  Would’ve liked to have seen different additional weapons instead of the twin elven blade we’ve seen before.  Still cool weapons and a nice addition.  Side note – the twin elven blades can be used as shown in the pictures or attached to create a double bladed weapon.

The Bad:

The torso was a little loose out of the package as are the ankles and the figure can be difficult to stand with all of the heavy accessories.  I’d recommend adding some Mod Podge or other material to thicken up the joints if you run into this.  Articulation on the head is hindered a bit by the large amount of long hair in the front and back.  I don’t see this necessarily as a bad thing although other collectors definitely would.

Final Score and Impressions:

I showed the figure to my wife and her first reaction was “she’s beautiful” and I absolutely agree. I can see why fans and collectors have been raving about her for a while now.  She looks amazing on the shelf and has an excellent presence.  If you can get over the minor gripes, her possible loose joints (easily fixed) or falling over (figure stand?), then you’ll love this figure.

Illythia – 9.0/10

Find Illythia on the secondary market on websites such as Mercari or eBay.  I recommend asking around or searching for the occasional sale post in the Facebook group “The Mythic Legions Cabal” for better deals on this figure.  Expect to pay $100+ for a brand new in box example.

Missing is Necronominus who is the 4th member of the Four Horsemen and slated for release later in 2024.

Illythia pictured with her mount Phobus.

May your Mother’s Day be full of love, hugs and of course, action figures!

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