New Figura Obscura Available Tomorrow!


May 17, 2024

The Four Horsemen are at it again with a return to the Figura Obscura line.  What is Figura Obscura?  The creators of the Mythic and Cosmic Legions line have a third line by that name that so far adds a new character into the collection every 4-5 months.  While not part of the Mythic of Cosmic Legions line, the Figura Obscura action figures are compatible and feature new characters from various properties.  Past examples include Father Christmas, The Masque of the Red Death, Krampus, Jacob Marley, and the Headless Horsemen.  What do they have in store for tomorrow?  The clue given seems to suggest something Egyptian with many collectors predicting the release of a mummy.  While it could definitely be a mummy, they do like to surprise fans with clues that could relate to a wide variety of characters.  A pharaoh, Egyptian god, or the possibility of the first female Figura Obscura (Cleopatra?)  are all on the table.  We’ll find out tomorrow when the release drops at 9 AM EST.  Like past releases there will be a second drop at 8 PM EST for those who are unable to make the first one.  In addition, this will be available at the Shop the Curiosity show in Danbury, CT for those attending.  Also following the pattern of the past Figura Obscura releases there will be a limited amount of pins and mugs available with the new character theme.  Be sure to hit up Store Horsemen tomorrow to secure yours.  Here’s the official announcement from Four Horsemen Studios:

It is time to unwrap a new Figura Obscura! Tomorrow (Saturday, 05/18/24), the mysteries of Figura Obscura will be discovered once again. Here is what you need to know.

We will do 2 sale drops tomorrow at – one at 9am EST and another at 8pm EST. This is similar to what we have done in previous Figura Obscura sales, allowing Legionnaires from across the country, and all over the world, a chance to secure this new release. The same items will be available in each drop.
This latest Figura Obscura drop will also include pins and mugs with the new Figura Obscura theme and a very limited number of “All In” sets which will include 1 of each item for sale.
All items in this sale are IN STOCK and limited to the inventory on hand! Shipping will begin immediately after the sale, but due to the volume of orders we expect to receive for this Figura Obscura drop, it could take 3-4 weeks to get all orders out. Please be aware of this timing when ordering since even orders placed in the first minutes of the sale drop could take a few weeks to ship.
Are you ready to unwrap the latest Figura Obscura? Then join us tomorrow at 9am EST at
…And for anyone planning to come and see us at the Shop the Curiosity show in Danbury, CT tomorrow, we WILL have the new Figura Obscura available for sale at the show! So if you want to be the first to get your hands on the latest addition to the Figura Obscura, get to Shop the Curiosity for your chance!