Bit Figs: DreadValken Now Available

ByEric Keys

May 19, 2024

From the creative minded folks over at Onell Design comes a new series of Glyos mini figures, Bit Figs: Dreadvalken!

Bit Figs are inspired by pixel art and designed to complement any tabletop or pocket-sized adventure. All figures have a Glyos compatible fit function on the base, measure about 1” tall and have a soft, pliable feel.

The line started in 2016 with a Ninja and Animal series both found for sale directly through their official shop and in vending machines across North America.

The vending line expanded with 3 more series – Marine and Safari Animals – plus a Space series featuring characters from the Glyos universe. A Mega-sized version of Pheyden, Onell Design’s flagship character, was also released in limited editions.

The new series of Dreadvalken, released on 5/10/24, includes 6 new dungeon-dwelling characters, and is exclusively for sale at

Standard color set of 6 for $12.

Glow-in-the-dark “Xenoglow” green set of 6 for $14.

Mystery Packs include 2 figures for $5 and the Booster Set includes 6 figures for $12.

Mystery Packs include figures in random colors with a chance at a rare glow or metallic figure.

Every Booster Set of 6 includes one rare glow or metallic figure!

Bit Figs: Dreadvalken are available now only at