Figure It Out: Savage Crucible Lemurian Royal Guard Wave 1 Review

ByEric Keys

May 28, 2024

From Harvinger Studios, we have a brand new property called Savage Crucible!  The first wave 1 consists of Lemurians, which are humanoid lizards, with 5 other characters and 2 accessory packs.  The wave launched on Kickstarter in February 2023 and had a very successful run raising over $600,000 after an initial goal of $120,000.  The Lemurians started to arrive in collectors hands about a month ago (May 1st, 2024) and the community has embraced the figures with open arms.

Savage Crucible Lore

Our Homeland is beyond comprehension, young one. We very well may be the center of all things. The origin point for everything that is, was or will be. The Crucible in which the universe forged all other worlds.

Product Description

Welcome to the World of Savage Crucible! Behold Royal Guard!

This 6-7 inch scale, ultra articulated action figure will come in a highly detailed window box, with character-specific packaging details and accessories. Each action figure come with a stunning amount of articulation, part swap ability, and a possible hidden prize ranging from Core, Rare, Magic, and Legendary items in every box.


Big fan of these type of boxes with a flap and a display to look at the figure before opening. An in box collector should welcome this even more.  As an opener, it’ll only get thrown away by me.  The box has a nice gloss to it and is fairly good quality.  The box is a little thin as mine did arrive with some damage.  A very cool graphic on the front with the Savage Crucible logo in front and also on both sides. The back has some lore regarding the overall Savage Crucible line with the front flap having lore specific to the Lemurian Royal Guard.

Opening the panel on the box display reveals a nicely painted lizard warrior. Let’s bust open this box and get into the review!


The included load out is as follows; 4 swords and an additional pair of hands. 2 bladed weapons in the plastic tray and 2 duplicate weapons in a baggy. There are 2 additional gesturing hands in the tray. The back of the tray has a neat map of Lemuria and there’s an included silver envelope with a random character card inside.

Great idea to include a card that acts as a D&D style card with stats and information about the character. The card included in this package is for Ko’Mo of the Isles. Would have been nice to have the character card included with the character you have so you have more information about them.  I do understand the enjoyment of opening a card not knowing who it is and adding a trading option with your friends.

First thing to notice is the wonderful paint applications on the body and eyes. Amazing stuff at this price point. The paint application is nicely done overall but missing the same level of detail on the armor as on the body.

The articulated jaw is such a cool feature and brings the play and pose element into the figure. Have the Lemurian displayed as a fierce warrior yelling a battle cry as he charges into battle or the mouth closed as a guard protecting his leader.

As with most figures, warnings are included to heat up the figure with a hair dryer or warm water to loosen the joints.  I choose to do neither and the joints are buttery smooth.  As a side note, I do recommend every collector to follow the warnings from manufacturers to avoid breakage.  Everything moves very well and articulation is done fairly well.  Surprising to me is an articulated tail with multiple articulation points.  The feet have toe hinges for extra articulation at this location. Articulation focused collectors will love this feature. I found the figure to fall forward more because of the toe hinges and I would rather have figures that are more stable on my shelf then the added articulation.

Weapon holsters are a nice feature with the weapons sliding in and out very easily. Not a huge fan of the appearance of them but they do the job. The armor flows well while the holsters are a little boxy and out of place.  I really like how they can be removed easily although a little effort is needed to pop them back in. Nifty system to hold the weapons and nice detail with the weapons themselves having ridges as if they are slightly worn.  Swapping the hands is very easy with only a little pressure needed.


The Good – Wonderful paint applications on the body and the lizard like texture is impressive.  The paint masters did a fantastic job (Nikki Nicole, Eric Miller, Tim Peek) and the factory duplicated their efforts very well so kudos to the entire team.  The weapons have some nice wear to them.  The figure fits very well with AWOK, Mythic Legions or the NECA D&D line. I could imagine they’d be a chameleon and fit right in on any 1/12th shelf.  A huge plus to have figures that can slide into any shelf and fit different aesthetics across various lines.

The Mid – The armor itself could’ve used a bit more paint to match the wonderful job done on the body itself.  There are only 2 sets of hands included.  A nice to have would’ve been an extra set of hands such as fist hands.

The Bad – The ankles are a little loose and the addition of the toe articulation leaves the figure falling forward occasionally.  I would’ve preferred no toe articulation for a more sturdy balance.  Other collectors may swap stability for more articulation so your mileage may vary and this may not be as bad as my experience here.

Final Score and Impressions

An impressive showing from a new property.  I’m not a huge collector of anthropomorphic figures but I could see myself making an exception for these as they fit so well with every other 1/12th line that’s currently out there. I can see why collectors have been so impressed with the initial offering from the Savage Crucible team.  Very interested in the upcoming Savage Crucible figures coming in wave 2 which also include human and other fantasy figures.

Savage Crucible Lemurian Royal Guard Final Score – 8.5/10

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