The Loyal Subjects TMNT Jennika and Zombie Turtles Set Coming July 2024


June 14, 2024

Cowabunga –  It’s time for some new TMNT The Loyal Subjects BST AXN 5″ action figure releases!  These new additions to the line will continue the run of IDW comic based releases with a 4-pack of Zombie Turtles and Jennika.  Look for these to ship in July with Jennika at 21.99 and the Zombie Turtles at 84.99.  Here’s the full information sent to us by our friends at TLS on these upcoming new TMNT figures:

Zombie Turtles

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Straight from the pages of the TMNT IDW comics with figure sculpts inspired by Mateus Santolouco’s Shredder in Hell miniseries, The Loyal Subjects presents a spine-chilling TMNT Heroes 4-Pack in a coveted comic book monochromatic color scheme, featuring our favorite mutant turtles in their zombie form! This chilling collection features the undead versions of Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael – each figure 1:15th scale with 31 points of articulation for dynamic posing and play and eyes GLOW RED under a blacklight for that extra intense effect.  Pack includes multiple sets of interchangeable hand gestures and head portraits with dynamic expressions for added customization and comes with 4 special edition collector cards, 8 interchangeable weapons: Twin Katans, Twin Nunchucks, Bo Staff, Twin Sai, Throwing stars, Ninja Swords with fire element attachments, Tonfa, bladed Nunchucks and Donatello’s goggles & welding mask. Packaged in an artfully styled unique collector’s box featuring garage door flap closure with Velcro. Collect all The Loyal Subjects BST AXN 5-inch Action Figures! Sold Separately.


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Inspired by the iconic character from the IDW Comics, this figure captures Jennika’s unique transformation into a mutant turtle with unparalleled detail and authenticity. Jennika has a bold and dynamic flair to her appearance with a striking yellow mask, fishnet arm sleeves, powerful metal claws attached to her fingers, removable black cape and her signature dark turtle shell. Figure is a 1:15th scale, 5-inch Action Figure that boasts 31 points of articulation for maximum posing and play.  Includes two different dynamic head portraits, removable black cape and multiple hand and claw grips. Comes with a ninja sword and wind accessory effects that can be attached to the metal claws that add a dynamic element to displays or play scenes. Displayed in TMNT themed window box packaging showcasing exclusive art by IDW comic artist Sophie Campbell. Collect all The Loyal Subjects BST AXN IDW 5-inch Action Figures! Sold Separately.