I am a long time Mythic Legions collector with over 100 figures from that line but haven’t had a deep entry into their Cosmic Legions line.  The Outpost Zaxxius wave of their Cosmic Legions line may change that. Four Horsemen Studios revealed the original Cosmic Legion Wave 1 in September of 2021 with the initial release shipping to retailers and fans in 2023.  The initial wave was called Hvalkatar: Book One.  The second wave, known as Hvalkatar: Book Two, Gravenight, shipped later in 2023.  Outpost Zaxxius is the third wave and started arriving in hand recently (June 2024) to collectors eagerly awaiting to expand their Cosmic Legions offering.

Oxkrewe, Book One – Thraxxon, was revealed at Power-Con 2023 is currently in pre-production status.  There have been 4 Special Edition Cosmic Legions released at shows such as LegionsCon with a grand total of 33 figures released or revealed to date.  All Cosmic Legions information can be found on the official page of the Four Horsemen, Source Horseman.

Kalian Shunn Product Description

A bodyguard employed by the AEXOR3 company, Kalian Shunn’s job is to make sure that her fellow crew members, and the cargo they are carrying, arrive safely at their destination and that all agreed upon payments are made upon delivery. This position keeps her constantly busy and always on the move, a situation which suits someone trying to escape their past.

Kalie never talks about where she came from, including where she learned the combat skills. She has become known for or where she acquired the unusual armor she wears on parts of her body. Only the captain of the ship she flies upon knows that she was once a member of the Ipperian Column, the elite bodyguards of the Phaerrox empire. Dismissed from the ranks of the Ipperian for questioning a direct order from her commanders, Kalian immediately decided to leave Z’tratos. She changed her name and her appearance and took work that would utilize her skills, but which would take her far away from what her gut told her was danger posed by the very institution she had once sworn to defend.

More lore can be found in the story titled The Bodyguard’s Tale:  Kalian Shunn story from Cosmic Legions: Outpost Zaxxius (sourcehorsemen.com)


The packaging is a very solid box with a good quality that feels sturdy.  There is some nice simple Cosmic art with a character bio on one side and the Outpost Zaxxius lore on the other.  The back has the other Cosmic Figures released.

Initial Reaction

The head sculpt and paint immediately jumps out as absolutely beautiful.  The image and paint are striking!

For those new to Mythic Legions, they will see this as a brand new head sculpt.  Others that are familiar with the latest Poxxus wave for Mythic Legions, will notice the Thraice Wraithhailer head sculpt in use here.  The painters have done a fantastic job in distancing themselves from this sculpt with the unique colorway shown in use here.  They almost look like 2 completely different head sculpts when placed side by side because of this impressive paint job.

There is also another helmeted head sculpt included that has been used previously for the Cosmic Legions T.U.5.C.C.  Once again, the painters have done such a fantastic job with the paint up that they don’t even seem like the same exactly sculpt.

The figure comes with a good amount of accessories with a rifle, pistol, staff, back sling, soft goods cloak, an extra pair of hands, a pauldron and the additional head sculpt.  A lot packed into one figure.

The joints felt buttery smooth right out of the box.  I did pop one of the hinges of the hands off and had to remove carefully when switching the right hand for the first time.  The accessories were easily set up and switching between head sculpts was a breeze.  There was a little bit of paint rub found at the joints which is pretty common in Mythic Legions and other lines that have such detailed paint work on them.  The soft goods cloak is impressive.

The Good – Beautiful paint in the face sculpt and perfect color choice mixture of the orangish browns in the soft goods to go along with the blue/green paint scheme. Both reused heads almost seem brand new because of the paint and color choices here.  Kudos to the design team and paint team on executing this very well.  The cloak is of excellent quality, nicely form fitting and works well with the helmeted head.  Great to have 2 choices here with the helmeted or unhelmeted head making the character stand out differently in either choice.  The shoulder harness for the weapons is very nice and better than the typical Mythic Legions simple leather holster.  The strap is detailed well enough and can hold weapons. Very solid amount of accessories on this figure.

The Mid – Would have been a nice addition to include a pair of fist hands or something other than the 2 sets of gripping hands and only a single pauldron is included.  The small blaster accessory could have used more detail.  I didn’t even know what it was until I looked it up trying to figure out what it was.  I thought initially it was a blade that couldn’t be removed from its sheath.  I don’t think the unhelmeted head can use the cloak either.

The Bad – The hinge on the right hand popped off a bit too easily.  The arm joints seem to remove paint relatively quickly.  The hands are very small to grip the rifle correctly.

Kalian Shunn – 8.5/10

Final Impressions

A beautiful figure that will impressive with its paint, multiple display options and use of soft goods.  The Cosmic Legions line is still fairly early and I can see fans racing to pick up earlier waves such as this one years down the road.  Kalian Shunn has a few minor issues but is a stunner with the wonderful paint job and incorporation of some great parts at this price point.

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Stay tuned for a Cosmic Legions T.U.5.C.C. Pilot review coming soon to Project Action Figure!