NECA 2024 Con Exclusives Reveal #5!


June 19, 2024

Dinosaurs- 7” Scale Action Figure – Earl Sinclair “Captain Impressive” (SDCC 2024)

The Sinclairs are your average family with one BIG difference… they’re talking dinosaurs living in the year 60,000,003 BC! Jim Henson’s creatures for Dinosaurs made this early ‘90s show a comedy hit that’s still certifiably fresh. Now you can fight for truth, justice, and the Pangaean way with this Captain Impressive Earl Sinclair action figure by NECA! This 2024 Con Exclusive is based on the dino patriarch’s superhero persona from the classic Season 4 episode, “Earl, Don’t Be a Hero.” After falling into a glowing lake of toxic waste, Earl discovers that he has superpowers! However, it turns out that his employer, the WESAYSO Corp, owns the rights to the toxic waste, and thus, Captain Impressive becomes a corporate merchandising opportunity. This 7-inch scale action figure is fully articulated (including tail) and includes soft goods tailored costume, wired cape, interchangeable heads and hands, and trachea plug accessory! Comes in collector-friendly window box packaging.

Coming to the Con Exclusive presale!