Figure It Out: Cosmic Legions T.U.5.C.C. Pilot Review

ByEric Keys

June 23, 2024

Eric Keys back with another Figure It Out review!  We’re taking a closer look at another Cosmic Legions figure and this time around, focusing on the T.U.5.C.C. Pilot.  For those not familiar the acronym T.U.5.C.C. stands for Traders Union of the Five Circles of Cosmerrium and this “is an alliance of private firms seeking to expand and promote trade amongst the five rings”.  This figure comes from the same wave of the previously reviewed Kalian Shunn,  Outpost Zaxxius wave 2 of the Four Horsemen Cosmic Legions line.  Check out my previous review of Kalian Shunn here that also includes a brief history of the Cosmic Legions line.

T.U.5.C.C. Pilot Product Description

T.U.5.C.C. Pilots are near the top of the hierarchy of soldiers employed by the Traders Union of the Five Circles of Cosmerrium. This level of recognition tends to foster arrogance amidst the ranks of these pilots, yet their sense of self-importance is well deserved given the skill and dedication required to climb to this lofty rank within the organization.

For all the privileges and status that T.U.5.C.C. Pilots are afforded, their position is also a perilous one. There is no margin of error for T.U.5.C.C. Pilots, for even the smallest mistake can mean a one-way ticket from the cockpit of a star-ship to the fighting rings of a penal institution.

More lore can be found in the story titled The Bodyguard’s Tale:

How cool is it to have a meaningful story telling on their figures?  I’m very appreciative of it and the writing from Four Horsemen Studios is done very well.


Same packaging as found on the other Cosmic Legion figures of this wave with the specific Pilot bio on the side.

Initial Reaction

This pilot figure may be my most anticipated Cosmic Legion figure yet.  Why do you ask?  The paint!  As with the usual fare from Four Horsemen Studios, the paint is done really well and this particular figure has a striking candy red type paint job.  Impressive stuff once again regarding paint for a production figure under $50.

Similar to the Kalian Shunn figure (and others), you get 2 completely different interpretations of the character by simply changing the head sculpt.

Many of the parts are reused from the T.U.5.C.C. Science Officer, with the same 2 head sculpts, although they are painted completely different.  Solid load out as usual with the 2 completely different head sculpts, 2 pauldrons, chest piece, 2 hoses, an extra set of hands, clear pegs, rifle, blaster and scope attachment.  We have seen the 3D holographic attachment before but it’s always a cool add on.

The joints were smooth and moved very easily.  The figure did have a very floppy waist right out of the package and needs to be warmed up with some near boiling water for a better mating fit on the socket.  I also encountered some paint rub on the chest protector and a scuff on the helmeted visor.

The Good – That beautiful paint!  I’m not sure I photographed the paint well enough to really appreciate seeing this in hand and looking at it from different angles.

The texturing on the clothing is excellent and there’s a really well done red pin stripe on the sides of the arms and legs.  The pauldrons also have a logo on them which I’d like to see incorporated on more figures going forward.  Such a nice little touch of detail on there.

The blue paint on the alien head sculpt is done very well and has a nice contrast against the red paint.  Both head sculpts give you 2 great display options.

The accessories fit the figure well and there’s enough of them to have a lot of fun swapping parts around.  There’s 2 hoses that can be plugged in different ways and there’s the clear pieces to use for mounting weapons or anything else wherever there is a slot on the figure. There really is something nostalgic about playing with toys and popping around parts. I find this to be a great part about Legions in general, the parts are given and there’s no instructions (other than heating up the figure to avoid breakage).  It really doesn’t matter how the parts go as long as you have fun along the way and the Four Horsemen as collectors themselves have done a great job in keeping the collector and play aspect as a part of their products.

The Mid – more parts equals more manufacturing costs/production costs but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I wish there was a human head sculpt or shaped type helmet included with human hands.  Both head sculpts aren’t my personal favorite (even though they are very well done) and I’ll be keeping mine on display with a custom head from Zombie 13 Customs.

Head sculpt done by Emil Wickman, printed and available unpainted from Wolf King Customs, and painted up by zombie13.customs on Instagram.  One of the great things about the Legions line is the ability to get so many different 3D printed heads and parts from excellent designers and painters in the community.  Each figure can be really made your own and to your liking.

The Bad – The waist was floppy out of the package (should be able to be fixed with some hot water and popping the figure back in for securely) and there was some paint rub on the chest piece along with the visor.  Please keep in mind that the Four Horsemen Studios Customer Service team is generally very responsive and helpful.  Any issues should be emailed to

Final Impressions

A beautiful paint job and a cool army building type figure with multiple display options right out of the box is a win in my book. A couple of minor QC issues and a lack of original parts dampers the party a little bit.  With that being said, I’d definitely recommend picking him up as a cool looking alien pilot for your Cosmic shelf and a few displayed together preparing for flight would look awesome!  I’ve thought about a future where Cosmic Legions includes small space ships and it’d be amazing to see this pilot in a small space craft.  The idea was also brought up during a moment of the excellent Mythic Enablers Podcast so I’m not the only one looking forward to the potential of space ships.  I suppose this will be the best we can do for now.

T.U.5.C.C. Pilot – 8.25/10

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