Figure It Out: NECA Ultimate Six-Shooter & Jester Review

ByEric Keys

July 10, 2024

Eric Keys back with another Figure It Out review! This review is for the horror fans out there. Today, we are taking a look at the NECA 2 pack of Six-Shooter and Jester! 

Puppet Master is a series of movies with the first being released back in 1989. The original film series totaled 8 films spanning from 1989 to 2003. There were an additional 7 crossover/reboot/spin-off films produced from 2004 to 2022. More information on the Puppet Master series can be found here

Jester is from the original film while Six-Shooter didn’t make an appearance until the 3rd film. NECA doesn’t seem to be releasing figures based on movie sequence as previously released figures, Pinhead, Tunneler and Blade were all in the first film while Torch didn’t show up until the 2nd film.

NECA has previously released other Puppet Master Characters; Blade and Torch as a 2 pack and Pinhead and Tunneler as a 2 pack with both sets released back in 2021. 

Product Description

“…and now a box of little toys has become a gang of little terrors.” NECA is proud to present the Ultimate Six-Shooter & Jester 2 pack from the cult movie series, Puppet Master! Each figure stands approximately 4.25″ tall, representing the classic look of each puppet, with accessories themed to the character’s appearances in the franchise. Six-Shooter includes removable hat and bandana, interchangeable hands, and 6 revolvers. Jester includes removable fool’s hat, scepter, tenderizer, scalpel, interchangeable expressions and hands. Comes in window box packaging replicating Andre Toulon’s Puppet Case.


A good quality window box that opens like a briefcase and is replicating Andre Toulon’s puppet case as mentioned in the product description.  I’m not an in box collector but I’d imagine that any in box collector would be very happy with the style of this box and the way how the case opens to give an excellent view of both figures along with their included accessories.  I would’ve liked to have seen an inner carton that can be pulled out for some cheap dio backgrounds similar to what we’ve seen in the Cosmic Legions line.

Initial Reaction

What immediately strikes me is the excellent face sculpts at this small of a scale.  Both characters have very detailed face sculpting giving them a lot of personality.  They are both very good representations of the puppets in the movie.

Six-Shooter comes with 6 pistols and six extra sets of hands.  Makes sense to include all of those hands since his main focus are his 6 arms and pistols.  Jester comes with 3 different head sculpts and 3 different weapons.  Jester is definitely the more fun figure with his multiple expressive head sculpts but his small feet and difficulty getting him to stand are slightly frustrating.  His hat also fell off over and over again whenever posing him.  Six-Shooter is definitely the more stable figure (larger figure, larger feet) and the hat sits on him much better. 

I already have the other 2 sets so I wasn’t surprised at how small these are.  NECA calls these figures “7” scale” which is a little confusing to me.  If talking size, these are 4-5″ and would be more like a 1/18th scale figure.  If comparing these to their movie puppet counterparts, they would actually be possibly 1/2 or 1/3 scale?  Slightly confusing but be aware that these are on the smaller end of action figures.  

The Good – the standout for me here are the 3 different face sculpts included for Jester.  Very fun expressive faces.

I really like Six-Shooter’s bandana and how he can be displayed smiling or ready for business when the bandana is up.  The six pistols also have functional holsters with his lower arms able to reach the back pistols.  

Good detailing on the weapons for Jester and the small emblems on his outfit.  The texturing of the clothing is done fairly well.

The Mid – The scaling and representation of these being “7” scale figures” could surprise collectors if they order online without reading the size descriptions.  I’ve seen a few product reviews and comments online from customers who purchased and say that they are smaller than expected.  Doesn’t bother me too much personally but something that collectors should be mindful of.

The Bad – The Jester figure is frustratingly difficult to get to stand.  Thankfully, Jester is slightly better than the previously released Blade figure who had tiny and boxy feet making him even worse to stand.  Jester has better shaped feet but are also way too small.  While there are articulation points, there aren’t enough in the legs to help move them around for a better standing position.  All of these Puppet Master figures do not have holes in their feet either for any kind of figure stand base to be used.  The Jester hat also falls off very easily and does not sit well on his head.  Six-Shooter has functional holsters but the top 2 were too tight and the guns did not sit all the way in.  The rest of the holsters and pistols worked fine.  They both have minor paint application issues with Six-Shooter getting the worse of the two.  He has a few spots on his face and the back of his hairline is poorly applied.  

Final Impressions

The figures are very photogenic, because of those excellent head sculpts, but some of the problems hinder the overall enjoyment of them.  My existing NECA Puppet Master figures mostly lean against books on my book shelf and occasionally take a tumble.  Six-Shooter is the largest figure and should be the most stable out of the bunch.  Jester will be like the rest and be a struggle to stand. At $34.99 for the set, I struggle if the value is there on these.  On one hand, the face sculpting is top notch and the representation for these characters is there.  The sets come with a fair amount of accessories and the extra face sculpts for Jester are excellent.  The smaller scale and standing issues counter those points for me.  I’d cautiously recommend these for Puppet Master fans who understand the smaller scale of them and some of the issues they have.

Six-Shooter – 7.75/10

Jester – 7.5/10

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