Contests & Giveaways

It’s a fact:  everyone loves free stuff.  Listed here you will find all of our current and past contests/giveaways, rules to enter, and any other relevant information.  We will have many of these on our social media outlets and some will be website only.  So if you don’t have an account on one of our social media outlets:  do not worry, there will be many hosted right here on the the website.  Good luck to all!


McFarlane DC Multiverse Nekron

Here’s how to qualify for this giveaway:

1. Head to our Facebook Page and follow us,

2. Like that original giveaway post, and

3. Comment in the original post why you’d like to win him!

The winner will be randomly chosen within 24 hours once the giveaway closes on Sunday, September 25 at 7:00 PM EST.

Everyone is welcome to enter, if the winner resides outside of the US, they will need to cover shipping fees.  Please keep this in mind before entering!