Cosmic Legions Deluxe Sphexxian Block Commander

Cosmic Legions Deluxe Sphexxian Block Commander


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Not much is known about Sphexxian culture, save for the fact that order is maintained through a strict adherence to the hierarchy of the hive. That structure is reflected within the ranks of the Sphexx of Hvalkatar.

The prison blocks are broken up into units of one commander per block, along with an accompanying ten guards. This structure is reminiscent of the way foraging squads are deployed from V’zapir. The Block Commanders are responsible for the guards that they supervise, as well as the prisoners of the block. Aside from projecting a physical dominance, it is also rumored that commanders maintain a cognitive oversight of their subordinates.

Includes: Sphexxian blaster, Electrostaff, 2 wrist blasters, and 5 sets of hands


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